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Graphic Design: Joe Chong

What makes a good graphic designer, in your eyes?

Passion and a kick ass work ethic. Good work should always fucking excite you, and you should care about what you do. All the great designers I know, are where they are in life because they work their asses off nonstop. There’s no room for laziness and you especially cannot get stagnant.

Name someone who has inspired you do more with your passion?

For me George Lois embodies everything that I love about New York City, Design, and Advertising all in one. He was one of the original ad guys on Madison Avenue, had immense bravado, and didn’t take shit from anyone, and most importantly he created amazing fucking work.

What do you do outside of GD?

I’ve recently fallen deeply in love with photography, it’s such an amazing craft I’ve poured hundreds of dollars and hours into it already, and I’ve become to really enjoy painting. My friend Iris has been teaching me her masterful ways on how to water color, and now I carry a Windsor Newtown set with me everywhere I go.


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