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Personal Style: Malik F.

What actually makes a good fit is it the clothes or the person? It really is a mix of both with splash of charisma and interest. For me style is all of those things, I know what looks good on me and what doesn't, I know if I would be able to pull off certain looks and sometimes, I just don’t care. Being a man who would be considered husky I have to take into consideration what things I can put on my body so that I can accentuate the parts that I like more. Let’s start off with some foot wear, I love a good Air Force 1, if I had the money, I would be at 21 Mercer every couple of months to get a bespoke sneaker made with their experts. If I could have any pair of sneakers right now, no questions asked I would have a pair of the Balenciaga Triple S Sole Trainers that retail for a cool $995.

Balenciaga Tripple S

Balenciaga Tripple S

I am not flashy or always trying to stand out but due to my stature and the way I present myself to a group of people they notice who I am, I have to show them what I am about and the only way I can do that is through my clothes. For men there aren’t that many options, especially for a guy my size. No I don’t want to shop at Fashion Nova Men’s, I also no longer step foot in Hmmmmm (H&M), and don’t get me started with forever 20-none it is not just because I can’t find in their clothing comfortably but because they lack originality and integrity, They constantly steel things from lesser known brands and pass it off as their own. Fast fashion isn’t something that I want to contribute to, even though I still shop at urban. 

Bottoms are pretty tricky because of waist and length, so my favorite pair of jeans are a Levi’s 505, because I get to cuff the pants and they fit me in the waist, I would prefer a more tapered look but that’s a little harder to come by. Tops I must think about the measurements, is this based on general measurements, is this piece based on the brands personal measurements, or is it just for a skinny white boy. I was so pumped to go to Dover Street Market and pick up a shirt from this brand, Awake, that Started in the Bronx, I said give me your largest size, which was an XL, and I got home and tried it on, and it was just a little snug in all the wrong places. First of all, who told me to get a yellow shirt and secondly, I didn’t check the measurements. I never took a picture in that shirt, such a sad moment.

Overall I would say that my style is based on my body and what I think looks good on it, I am conscious of trends but honestly hate thinking about them, last semester my friend and I were talking about something we knew was coming which was this Americana western vibe with a twist, then here is Raf (Simmons) presenting his collection with Calvin Klein in a barn and the twist being pop-corn. I truly enjoy fashion and shopping and all of it but the only thing that doesn’t like it is my bank account. 


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