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No IG, no Problem!


The low murmur of the vending machines filled the tinny conference room, Mackenzie Shelly, a 4th year at Jefferson University, and I sat in. The lights were like any other Downs room lights, low, slightly off white, and blaring down from the ceiling. We sat comfortably at a round table adjacent to the vending machines and her hair blonde with a hint of brown at the root lay on her shoulder. We began to speak, and her casual demeanor really pushes through in her comfortable and relaxed outfit. We began to speak about her evolving style and her opinion on skirts, “I hate skirts…” Shelly said with the most genuine smile, “I don’t even think I own one!” We spoke candidly about someone or something that she might take inspiration from, “I can’t really think of one specific person,” She says pondering her next response “I think of like, when I watch a tv show and I see someone in an outfit I and I’m like wow they look really amazing in that, then there are websites that tell you what that person was wearing.” Finding inspiration is sometimes challenging depending on the show you are into at the moment and the way Netflix constantly has a new show just about every month, you are bound to go through so many shopping hauls. Shelly’s inspiration can also be in part that she doesn’t part take in one of the most influential social media for our generation, Instagram. She visits the social media platform without having to be on it, she never was really into the pressure of it all. Nothing about the platform enticed her, she felt as though she was trapped in a place she had to post, but who was she posting for, herself or others. Brick and mortar stores are something that Mackenzie can avoid altogether, “I love just shopping online,” with conviction in her voice, “if I could afford Urban Outfitters that would be the only place I shop.” Urban is probably one of the more accessible and well-known stores to shop for people in our demographic. We then went back to talking about Instagram and why she isn’t on it, “If I could use Instagram as a creative outlet and find my own aesthetic…” She said as though she has explained to the countless people from her past who have asked her the same question, “I would feel way more inclined to use Instagram who has amazing Instagram’s because I look at that and I’m just like what is my life.” Mackenzie Shelly a comfortably dressed woman in her relaxed cream scoop neck sweater, black cargo joggers, leather belt with unique metal rings, and black boots stood casually next to the murmuring vending machine where a Snickers was calling my name.   

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