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#oscarssoinclusive the 2019 Oscars was one of deserving artist and creative fashion. The Oscars are usually a time for glam and major Hollywood stars and new comers to make a power statement with an outfit of their choice. Some men choose to stick to the regular boring suit but what we needed to see was the man dare to be fashionable and fashion forward. Pharrell Williams brought back his shorts from 2014 to the 2019 awards in a way I didn’t see coming, well because it was camo.

Pharrell came to the Academy Awards in a camo blazer and with matching shorts, high tube socks and doc martins to bring the look together. We also see Chadwick Boseman showed up in a little more subdued outfit that still had the utmost flair. Mr. Boseman came in a sequence blazer with wide leg pants and a delicate scarf, this suit shimmered in the light as though it had vibranium coursing through it. Spike Lee came away last night being a huge winner, and also making a statement on the red carpet choosing to wear a beautiful purple suit that was accentuated by his gold Jordans with matching rings.

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There was one statement piece of the night, and that was Billy Porter in a custom Christian Siriano gown, that made Mr. Porter the bell of the ball. Men’s fashion has come a long way and there are many ways that a man can be perceived in his clothing choice, but the statement made by Mr. Porter was one of strength dignity and internal femininity that a lot of men should embrace more. There was a trend of mixing the norm with the high fashion world and these men really exemplified that, they took what was comfortable to them and pushed in a direction that was needed, it provoked conversation and really focused on what the new man should take into consideration when choosing an outfit. The Oscars weren’t just extremely inclusive in who won the categories but what they had to say with their outfit of choice. 

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