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Grammy Night


You can call it what you want, the epitome of music, the Olympics of sound but what you can say about the Grammys is that they generally look over real music for people who can put up numbers. In all honesty I rather them replace the Grammys with the MTV music video awards just so that there is some integrity. Let’s move away from the politics of this specific award show and speak on the hits and misses on the red carpet. The Grammys in its past has been a place that musicians decide to make a statement weather it was showing up in an egg or be a gold dipped lake monster, Cee lo Green I’m looking at you buddy, but there weren’t any memorable entrances instead we got memorable look and that was Cardi B in vintage Mugler. The two-piece suit was something that was done exquisitely by Post Malone, Tracee Ellis Ross, and Pusha T who was wearing Thom Browne.

The varied two-piece suit situations range from Post Malone in a custom suite designed in collaboration with costume designer Catherine Hann, to Tracy Ellis Ross wearing a Ralph and Russo suit with Lorraine Schwartz Jewelry. The way the jeweled snake wraps around her waist and the construction of the top piece made it even more enjoyable. Some looks that could have stayed home was Cardi B’s little sister Hennessey wearing an orange peel tuxedo. J Balvin wore Dior Homme to big night and he looked more on the relaxed side but still pulling off a complete Dior look. The night was pretty snub-by but the fashion was here to take their own awards home.  

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