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MSKF mag 005



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While watching Virgil Ablohs talk with rapper Vince Staples and professional Skate Boarder Sage Elsesser, Vince said “Be yourself, or it won’t work” and that resonated with me for this issue. When creating something from scratch you must have guts, you must know that not everything you do will work out, you might even fail miserably at it. But with failure, you learn what you aren’t good at and then work at that, that is a lot of what these Brands and Stylist have done to understand who they are as brand. Each Brand has a way of going about something, they test new products and take risks on their Instagram. The statement Vince said also hit a chord with being comfortable in either your personal style or life style. There are things put in your life to make you comfortable some of that may be the art that you produce like Anthony or Hoods and Heels you wear like Shelby and Kristin in the H&H story. But being comfortable in a toxic relationship is never okay. With this issue we wanted to get a more global feel and reach people around the world, we started our website and are working on creating content on that as well. MSKF is just at the beginning and we are evolving and making people aware of new and original people. Enjoy the issue and share a story with a friend.


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